Cast Your Vote from anywhere in INDIA

New Delhi, Feb 16 (PTI) The Central Election Commission (EC) is working to make the latest technology available to facilitate voting from anywhere in the country. The project is being jointly conducted by IIT Madras in partnership with IIT Madras. Senior Deputy Commissioner of Elections, Sandeep Saxena, said the use of sophisticated blockchain technology was being used. If you think this knowledge is practical. We collect polls from voters. Afterward, it will be incorporated into the electoral management process and changes in the laws, he said.

Those who want to vote from anywhere in the country, wherever they wish to vote, should apply to the Election Returning Officer. Then go to the polling station specified by the authorities and use there vote. Is this the first time a two-way blockchain remote telephone system is actually voter's personal information? Is it not? Determine whether, for this purpose, the use of biometric and web cameras is based on the Secure Electoral Registration Officer Network (ERO-Net). An e-ballot (smart contract) paper will be issued in his name once the voter information is found to be true. The ballot details will be changed to separate code. This process is called encryption. As soon as this happens, a blockchain hashtag is generated and transferred to the voter's actual polling station. The result is voted on the account of the candidate / political party.


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