Death toll rises to 41 in China Extended transportation ban to 13 cities

BEIJING: A new type of virus Corona is getting fangs every day. The number of lives lost in China rose to 26 by Friday. Officially, there are more than 880 people infected with a corona in 23 provinces.13 cities in China have been stormed to prevent the spread of the virus. Four hundred million people living in these cities have been unable to attend to the freezing of the public transport system. The public health safety alert in Shanghai has been raised to one. The year of the Varaha year goes by and the mushy year begins on Saturday, but nowhere else does New Year's Eve come. It is the biggest festival in China. Most people are restricted from gathering together. Travel agencies have suspended operations in Wuhan (Hubei province) due to the severity of the disease. New semester classes have been postponed. Allocation of 100 crores of yuan to cover the spread of the disease in one province. Medical personnel in the army were deployed to treat patients. Disneyland in Shanghai has been shut down until further orders are issued. According to sources, the Indian Embassy in China has canceled the Indian republic celebrations on the 26th of this month. The US has identified the second infected patient with a new type of coronavirus. Doctors have confirmed that a woman over 60 in Chicago got the virus. One person in Nepal has also been infected with the virus.

China is planning to build a new hospital there in 10 days as treatment for the coronavirus virus in Wuhan city is barely enough.It will be available by February 3rd. Dozens of excavators and trucks are stepping into the field. The hospital will be prepared with pre-made structures with a capacity of one thousand beds spread over 25 thousand square meters.


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