Hyderabad tipplers use Google Maps to deal with cops

After WhatsApp, it is now Google Maps that is coming to the rescue of tipplers in the twin cities in evading diverse spots wherein drunken using checks had been being carried out by traffic police.

In a bid to stay away from police officers armed with breath analyzers sporting out drunken driving tests, the tipplers have started out searching visitors jams within the seek container on Google Maps within the night.

A green line shows that the site visitors are obvious at the same time as an orange line means traffic movement is slightly gradual and a pink line indicates that the site visitors are transferring very slow. The maroon line is a sign of a visitors jam.

After downing a few beverages at their favorite haunts, youngsters map their path the usage of Google Maps and take a look at it. And if there's either a purple or maroon line, they count on it to be a site visitors blockade with the aid of the law enforcement officials to test for drunken drivers and make a more secure alternative course. Apart from checking for visitors jams on Google Maps, the youngsters have been learned to be sharing the facts with their pals on WhatsApp companies asking them to avoid the direction if they had downed a few pegs.

The traffic police officers said they came to recognize as to how party-goers have been counting on Google Maps. However, the officers stated they were helpless and could not forestall humans from getting access to Google. They, but, clarified that Google Maps could no longer provide accurate facts about site visitors jams.

“If there is a reception in a wedding hall or a meeting in an inn at night, motors will come out at a time after of entirety of the event ensuing in visitors chaos. This cannot be assumed that the traffic jam is due to our checking,” a legitimate argued.

He said the continued pressure against under the influence of alcohol driving become yielding effects as many, including celebrities, have been both hiring drivers or the use of a cab to attain domestic. It changed into generally two-wheeler riders, who had been getting stuck frequently at some point of the pressure. When contacted, Cyberabad Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) S M Vijay Kumar stated residents should act responsibly in place of searching for approaches to escape from the traffic police even as driving/driving in an intoxicated condition. “We are undertaking drunken driving checking to ensure the protection of motorists,” he brought.


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