In Hyderabad Metro, you can watch movies without the Internet.

G5 mobile application services are available in Hyderabad Metrorail With the SugarBox network, it is possible to watch videos without the Internet. The agreement was signed by representatives of both companies. MD NVS Reddy launched Sugar Box Network in Metro. He said that with the Freeplay app, it is possible to watch movies and videos without internet

First Sugarbox and Metrolocal WiFi are served in 10 metro stations. We will be making more stations available soon. We want to keep books, entertainment, and intellectual property. The movie can be downloaded in 3 minutes with Freeplay App. Metro station will provide all the necessary facilities to the people.

Afterward, Sugarbox CEO Rohit said ... This service is free for 60 days. Premium charges will be charged later. It is very useful for those traveling in the metro every day. Gaming, food, e-commerce and this learning will also be made available.


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