Italy closes factories after 793 deaths in one day

Internet Desk: The Corona pandemic in Italy is creating genocide. Hundreds of lives have been killed in fury. The country is still in captivity, inserting its coral into the body of a newcomer. In the early days, the right to take proper care of the harm that is causing the rest of the country. 793 people lost their lives in the country on Saturday alone. This is the highest death toll in a single country since the virus came to light. The death toll in Italy soared to 4,825. Another 6,557 people were infected with the virus. The death toll of 3,000 people in the northern Lombardy region near the famous city of Milan is a matter of grave concern.

Italy has been in full custody for the past 10 days. Yet, 1,420 people have died in the last two days. It is now clear that the virus is booming over people, such as social distance.

Police have been taking stern action against those who seemingly got out of the house in the wake of the outbreak of the virus. Heavy fines are being imposed. Citizens were ordered to prove that they had come out on urgent work. Otherwise, they have been warned that tough action will be taken. People were ordered not to come out for the morning walk. The average age at death is 78.5 years, according to the National Health Institute.


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