TRS party has appointed social media coordinators

TRS Working President and Minister K. Tarakaramarao said that the illusion of opposition in Telangana should be cleared after the Makar Sankranti. He called for the TRS to be a major success in the municipal elections and to counter the misconduct of rivals on social media by conducting innovative campaigns.TRS has over 11 lakh followers on social media. Reach out to all, make sure to ensure that every time there is government development and welfare At a meeting of party social media activists in Telangana Bhavan on Monday, minister KTR said that the state has allocated ten times more funds to the municipalities.

Coordination between social media workers and the party needs to be improved, Minister KTR said. Social media activists seemingly defame the party.

Suggested to promote culture in social media. To rose to honor and honor the soldiers. KTR has appointed Krishank, P Jagan Mohanrao, B Dinesh Kumar Chaudhary and Satish Reddy as TRS social media coordinators for the municipal elections.

Opponents are willing to bet on the cramps, Minister KTR said. BJP leaders falsely claim that Rs 1800 in support pensions are coming from Delhi. How much more lolippe .. If you scream, you think it will come true. The leader of the opposition is a bigot.

KTR is scared of BJP, says party state president Laxman, People talk without even thinking what they think Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it clear that he would not be afraid of Rahul Gandhi. Telangana questioned what the BJP has to fear. There are 3,148 wards and divisions in the state.It was revealed that the BJP had no candidates in six hundred wards


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